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6 beautiful but dangerous destinations in Lai Chau

Vietnam motorcycle tours to Lai Chau, you will have a great time to discover the land of amazing caves, dangerous passes, forest hidden waterfalls, and spiritual milestones of Vietnam…

1. Lai Chau Hydropower Plant

Lai Chau Hydropower Plant is a national key construction project which was started to be built on the 5th of January 2011 in Nam Hang commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau province. This hydropower project has a very important role in the development of electricity and water supply for the Red River Delta in the dry season as well as creating opportunities for development in socio-economic for the two provinces of Lai Chau and Dien Bien and it is also a very attractive place in any adventure.


2. Muong Than field

Riding Vietnam motorbike tours to Than Uyen, you will know more about the rustic life of the local people. The beautiful scenery and fantastic cuisine will attract any tourist coming here. Looking at the local doing their farming work on the field of Muong Than, you will feel as if you were at a steppe in the fairy tale. Muong Than is the third most beautiful field in the Northwest of Vietnam.


3. Tinh waterfall

Tinh waterfall also has some other names such as: Tác Tình or Tắc Tình. The waterfall is one of the most attractive destinations to tourists in and outside the province, and even foreigners who are very happy for vietnam motorbike rides. Tinh waterfall is located in Binh Lu commune, Tam Duong district. It looks like a soft silk ribbon falling from the high mountain. The life of the local people is close to the waterfall for it is a very important water resort for everyday life and agricultural production process.


4. Tien Son cave

Tien Son cave is located near the National road No.4D in Binh Lu commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. If you do your motorbike tour in north Vietnam, you should visit this special cave. The cave has 49 chambers and runs through the 2 mountains. The deeper you go in, the bigger the chamber is. Inside the cave, you will see so many stones and thousands of all shaped stalactites, gradually revealing beautifully like on the paradise.


5. O Quy Ho pass

O Quy Ho or Hoang Lien Son pass is one of the longest, most dangerous and majestic passes in Northwest. If you visit the 2 provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau in your Vietnam motorcycle tours, you will ride through this pass because the peak of O Quy Ho is also the boundary between the two provinces. The pass has another name is Cloud pass because the peak of the pass is always covered by cloud. The height, the length and the dangerousness of O Quy Ho Pass makes the pass get its title: the king of the Northwest Pass.


6. Milestone No.17

All roads leading to the up-stream of a river are arduous. Therefore, the 60km from Muong Te – Pac Ma – T-junction of Nam Lan – Keng Mo border station to the national milestone No.17, where the Da river starts to flow into Vietnam, is the most difficult road. Riding Vietnam motorcycle trip along this fantastic road, tourists should be very careful because one side of the road is very high cliffs and another side is deep chasms, under is the ferocious Da river.

Hai Van Gate – the scenic beauty in Vietnam

If you do Vietnam motorcycle tours a long Ho Chi Minh trail from the north to the south of Vietnam, Hai Van Gate (near the provincial border between Hue and Da Nang) is always an impressive destination in the eyes of domestic and international tourists.


Hai Van Pass is the natural border between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang. Standing at the relic Ha Van gate which is 500m above the sea level, tourists can overlook Da Nang City which lies along the coastline and many famous tourist points such as Cham island, Tien Sa port…One side of the pass is the East sea and the other side is lush mountainous landscape. So, your Vietnam motorbike tour on this day is so fantastic.


In addition, if you see to the direction of Hue, you can see the zig zag road on the slope of mountains and covered sometimes by cloud.


Hai Van pass is located in the North of Da Nang city, riding motorcycle tour in Vietnam along the National road No.1 about 25km. This dangerous pass rout is very famous to backpacking riders; however, the pass has been less people choose since the Hai Van mountain cellar was built.


Stop at the national road on vietnam motorcycle travel, and climb up 30 steps, you will see the Hai Van Gate. This area still preserves so many valuable relics although many of them were destroyed by war, time and people.


See from the Gate, Da Nang look much smaller and surrounded by sea. If you do Vietnam motorcycle trip from Hue city, you have to pass 3 passes: Phuoc Tuong, Phu Gia, and Hai Van before reaching Hai Van Gate. In the early morning and late afternoon, the whole area is covered by layers of cloud.


When the sunset falls down, the temperature at the peak of Hai Van pass is down to 15 degree Celsius and this is the most suitable time for tourists who love adventure to have a rest and look at beautiful cloud flying around mountains.


In the night time, from Hai Van peak, tourists also see all Lang Co beach and Da Nang city so sparkling at night.


Hai Van pass has no lights; therefore, in the evening and at night, this area is covered by darkness. Because the pass has many winding roads, sudden curves and blind corners, rare riders can do Vietnam motorbike tours to this famous pass in the evening or at night.

On the peak of the pass, there are so many vestiges of the wartime gun towers and the old citadel. Despite ups and downs from year to year, the walls of the ramparts have been covered by green moss.


Nowadays, Hai Van Gate has become a very popular destination and it attracts many tourists worldwide. Riding Vietnam motorcycle tours to this place, tourists will have a great time to enjoy the untouched beautiful scenery of mountains and forests and catch fantastic natural moments when cloud flies when the sunset falls down.

Things to bring for the best Vietnam motorbike tours to Sapa, Vietnam

If you feel very excited for the next motorbike tour in north Vietnam to Sapa, a litter but nervous for do not know what you should prepare. Here are the things you should prepare to gain the best trip to Sapa.

Money and Identity document

You can not go to travel without money, depend on how you travel and what you intend to pay and to buy, you can point out the number of money you should bring with. Remember to bring also the ATM card, when you are out of money, your friends or relatives can help you. If you book full package Vietnam motorcycle tours, do not have to bring too much money, just for your personal expense.

Although you book a guided adventure tour, you still have to bring ID card or passport for renting accommodation.



You should not bring to many clothes to Sapa, just bring some light and warm clothes. In summer, Sapa is very cool and you can wear summer clothes and just need a light coat only. However, Vietnam motorbike tours to Sapa in winter, the weather is very cold, even has snow, you absolutely need gloves, thick coats, wool scarf, wool hat…to protect you from the coldness of the mountainous region.


Shoes are indispensable for the tour to Sapa. Riding Vietnam motorcycle trip to Sapa, you need boots, but still need shoes for trekking or hiking. Sapa has so many villages with fantastic scenery, you can get to the villages by motorbike, but you should walk to travel inside the villages because some villages are not suitable for motorbike.

Motorbikes and spare parts

If you do Vietnam motorcycle tours to Sapa, you have to have motorbike. It is your motorbike, or the motorbike of the company organizing the trip for you. If go by yourself, remember to maintain your bike carefully and bring spare part to fix the bike when it has problem on the way. Do not use the too old and week bikes. If you go with tour, the guide will have the responsibility to handle the bike problem.


The other necessary personal items

–  Sapa map: You can buy the map in the book stores in Hanoi or Sapa. The map will help you to design the itinerary better, and save your time.
– Good camera or good camera phone: Believe in us, you will take a lot of photos in Sapa because Sapa is amazing especially when you do Vietnam motorbike tour. Remember to bring batteries, chargers, a machine with a blank hard drive and memory card backup.
– Sunglasses, gauze mask, gloves and scarves: These things will help you a lot on the way, because Sapa is 350km from Hanoi. The will protect you from pollution, UVA, UVB and coldness.
– Snack: Riding Vietnam motorbike rides to long on the way, you will feel hungry and thirsty, so you need something to eat beside the 3 main meals. The stores are not always available on the way. The candy for the kids is good.
– Personal items: Although you stay in the hotel, you still can bring your own tooth brush, tooth paste for better quality, must have if you go camping outdoor.

Travel to Nha Trang to visit 5 attractive places that few people know

Nha Trang is the precious pearl and the pride of Vietnam tourism. This seaside city is nearly 1,300 km from Hanoi and 450 km from Ho Chi Minh city, and it is worth for a great Vietnam Motorcycle trip. This city has many famous places that the local advise you to visit. However, this article will provide you so many places that are very beautiful but just few people know:

1. Dam Mon Peninsula
Dam Mon Peninsula lies in Van Phong bay, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, about 80km from Nha Trang city.

Dam Mon sea is very quiet and clean that you can see even the seabed. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to Nha Trang to visit Dam Mon, you can witness the daily life of local people in fishing villages. The scenery here is fantastic that so many beautiful photos were taken here. Other activities in Dam Mon that visitors can experience are discovering the ocean, coral diving or renting a boat to the islets to see the beauty in each island or simply soaking in blue clear sea water and contemplating the sparkling afternoon sunlight.


2. Con Se Tre Tourist Village
Apart from the bustling of Nha Trang city that you will visit in this adventure tour, Con Se Tre is a very ideal place for tourists who want to enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere. This tourist village is on Hon Tre island which designed with rustic and classic countryside style. From Nha Trang city, it takes you only 15 minutes for a boat trip to Con Se Tre. The most interesting and impressive feature to tourists is that all houses, tables, chairs, restaurants here are made from bamboo.

3. Do stream
Do stream is located in Dien Toan commune, Dien Khanh district, about 10km from Nha Trang city. The scenery here is very attractive with streams, waterfall and green forests and mountains. To reach Do stream, you have to step up 200m. There are 2 pagodas: Quan Am Son and Pho Da Son. It is very convenient for Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to this fantastic stream.

From the perspective of many people who love photography, Do Stream has poetic beauty with white water and misty scenery. Note, during the flooding season you should just stop for sightseeing during your motorbike tours in Vietnam and visiting pagodas, soaking in the stream will be very dangerous.

4. Da Ban lake
Da Ban lake is the biggest lake in Khanh Hoa province. From Ninh Hoa town, tourist has to ride Vietnam Motorbike Tours more 20km to reach the lake. The lake has the leaf shape and surrounded by protective primeval forest.
The reason that makes the lake become so attractive is unspoiled scenery. The rocks here are as flat as a table. Especially in the lake, there are many types of fish: carp, catfish, eel, carp, black carp that can reach a weight of 1-2 kilos….The grilled fish is always a favourite dish of backpacking riders.


5. Hon Ba peak
The name Hon Ba is very strange to tourists, but to local people, this place looks like “Da Lat in the sea city”. If you do Vietnam Motorbike Trip to Hon Ba from Nha Trang city, it takes you only 2 hours. You have to climb up to pass a slope to reach the mountain peak. The Hon Ba peak is 1,600m above the sea level, in the hottest day, the temperature here is only about 18 degree Celsius.

Hon Ba has fresh air and spectacular un-spoiled scenery. The Island nature reserve has rich flora and fauna, including rare variety names listed in the Red Book. Tourists come to enjoy the feeling of watching the sunrise from the far-off horizon. The highlight tourist attraction here is the monument of Dr. A.Yersin bungalows, where Yersin studied and grew rare medicinal herbs.

5 attractive places to visit in this summer

Immerse yourself in the stunning beaches, pristine emerald islands, poetic plateau … in your vietnam motorcycle travel. These places are ideal destinations for you to explore and conquer in this summer.

Co To beach & island
Co to beach always has a very special attraction to tourists of all ages. In the summer time, if you can play with the waves, enjoy the cool wind blowing air, the beautiful pictures of sunrise and sunset, eat fresh seafood, you will recover yourself fully after a long Vietnam Motorbike trip around the North of Vietnam..

Co To does not have only sea, beach but also has primary forest, dreaming love street. If you love discovering, you can rent a bicycle to ride up to the highest point in Co To which is Sea Light Co To to see the whole Co To from above.


Romantic Sapa
Sapa fascinate visitors by the magical beauty of the mountains, scenery, terraced rice fields, houses hidden in the green of the trees, of heaven and earth. Sapa also attracts tourists who join our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours by the poetic features of the highland markets, the happiness of the couple in colorful costumes on the dating day.

Beside all the above attraction, Sapa captivates tourists by a lot of famous tourist destinations such as the Ancient Rock Field with many stones carved with many sophisticated designs lying scattered on the terraced fields. You can also visit Ham Rong Mountain, majestic Silver waterfall, or conquer Fansipan peak, the roof of Indochina.
Tourists can spend time on visiting Cat Cat, the village of H’mong people which is just 2 km from Sapa town.

Peaceful Moc Chau plateau
Riding Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Moc Chau in any season, you always feel so surprised with this cool, fresh mountainous highland.

Let’s imagine that you can walk along the lush green tea plantations, eat some plums at the plum garden, swim in the cool water at Dai Yem waterfall and Chieng Khoa waterfall.
Right at the center of Moc Chau town is Doi Cave (Son Ngoc Huong Cave), from the entrance gate of the cave, you can see the big valley and 7 small mountains.

Thung Nai in Hoa Binh
Just 100km from Hanoi, Thung Nai belongs to Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province. If you have done Vietnam Motorcycle trip before, then if you have tour to Thung Nai, you will see that Thung Nai look like “Ha Long bay on land”.


Thung Nai has the most beautiful and charming scenery in Black River reservoir. Thung Nai is a perfect combination of river and mountains, so very ideal for motorbike tour in North Vietnam. Thung Nai contains a wild beauty and tranquility. Arriving in this place you are completely separated yourself from the busy and hustle life, enjoy hours of relaxing and lyrical natural scenery.

Especially in summer time, tourists will enjoy the fresh air, smell the forest, mountain breeze and the cool waters.

Ba Be Lake, the pearl of Nature
Ba Be Lake is in Back Kan province, the tourist place in our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to Northeast of Vietnam. Coming here, you can release yourself in the wild beauty nature of the lake. The scenery here looks like a charming picture. Water of the lake is always clear and clean, you can even see the moss at the lake bed. In addition to spacious feeling among an air space, mountain, tourists can also visit the Puong Cave with sparkling and mysterious stalactites.